Mobile Advertising Trends in Latin America

The Latin American Region is one full of potential in terms of mobile subscriber growth and new services, but while overall regional growth in mobile users is up and several markets are nearing or have surpassed 100% penetration, several mobile operators have seen market shares drop in regions where there is a real fight to gain the upper hand. This is where new services, such as innovative mobile advertising and marketing, can make a difference and help generate new revenues.


Increasing VAS Revenues

The disparate markets of Africa present the widest range of opportunities for MNOs to generate revenues from VAS of all kinds says John Hurley.


How to Maximise the Value of SMS Today – and Tomorrow

The market dynamics impacting SMS usage see continued growth in subscribers that boost SMS volumes but bring down the price of sending one. So while users appear willing to spend more on SMS, operators must reduce the internal cost of sending these messages to keep their SMS margins from falling and to create more revenues from the process overall.


Broadband Makes an MMS Impact

Mobile broadband is changing user behaviour, and is set to give new life to messaging services that many have written off, argues Flavio Muscetra.


Open the Network and Get Back to Basics

Mobile operators should open their networks and find a range of options for delivering new services, while deriving fresh revenues from new and existing services, writes George Yazbek, Co-Founder and Strategic Marketing Director at Jinny Software.

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