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New Mobile Advertising Solution – Ring Back Tone Advertising – Stimulates Customer Interest in Jinny

DUBLIN, 24 June, 2010 – Jinny Software, a leading global supplier of messaging and media solutions to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), is seeing significant interest in one of its latest Mobile Advertising offerings – Ringback Tone (RBT) Advertising, which provides mobile operators with an innovative new way to generate revenue and promote subscriber loyalty.

RBT Advertising allows mobile operators to offer customers additional personalisation options, whereby the ringtone a caller hears can be replaced with subscriber-selected advertising messages. Leading operators in the MEA region have recently, and successfully, evaluated this new mobile advertising channel, which leverages Jinny’s global success with its Mobile Advertising and Ringback Tone Server (RBTS) platforms.

RBT Advertising provides high value operator and customer features to the channel including:

A web portal to allow subscribers to ‘opt-in’ to RBT Advertising; select advertising tones that calling subscribers will hear; set blacklists for subscribers who will not hear ad tones; and set start and end times and dates for the tone.

Bonus schemes whereby each time an opted-in subscriber hears an ad tone they accumulate points. Using the web portal, subscribers can view points accumulated and redeem points against gifts.

A campaign provisioning interface that allows advertisers and operators to plan, design, price and launch RBT Advertising campaigns.

An interface that allows operators to set the price per message.

Jinny Software’s Head of Mobile Advertising, Cathal O’Toole, said, “The RBT Advertising channel gives an extra dimension to mobile advertising. It offers our operators an untapped source of revenue and incentivises subscribers to adopt the service.”

The Mobile Marketing Association underlined the importance of RBT Advertising in a recent white paper outlining some of its unique benefits, including:

No need for special handsets, applications or 3G devices – RBT Advertising can be offered to 100% of the subscriber base.

High audience attention during call connection phase.

The ‘call-connect’ stage of all calls is unique in that it is ‘unused time’ when making calls and is, therefore, suitable to advertising.

During opt-in, subscribers can show brand loyalty by selecting a brand-specific tone.